Thursday 20 June 2013

Find your Sluglines

We embrace an alternative type of transportation called slugging, a casual form of carpooling that not only gets passengers a free ride, but drivers a pass to the HOV and HOT lanes. is unique because we help improve communication between commuters through our searchable map database, forums and integration with social networks like Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, and Twitter.

Based in Washington D.C., Sluglines gets its name from the long line of commuters you‚ll find waiting at designated slugging spots, during the peak hours. is here to make those lines run a smoother and a whole lot faster by bringing community to the slugging world.

After nearly a decade of commuting, we were fed up with rising gas prices, toll fees and the slower-than-ever pace of traffic. “There must be something better than this”, we thought. As it turns out, there was something that connects drivers and riders for an altogether more efficient commute. It‚s called slugging. The only problem was, we couldn't find a single online tool where drivers and riders could connect beforehand to reduce wait times. That's when we created - a site for commuters, by commuters. Whether you‚re a frustrated driver, or a passenger in search of an easier commute, our site was designed to offer you a better way to navigate the sluglines.