Sunday 25 November 2018

Adventures in Slugging!

It was a yet another day at the Staffordboro slug lot; Marcia was waiting in line for her turn. She was glad to hear a driver call for the Pentagon riders. She hopped in, followed by another rider who got in with her. They navigated the traffic to get on the HOT lanes.

Five minutes into the ride, the truck's transmission slipped causing a jerking action while accelerating. Driver alerted the riders that his vehicle may have transmission issue and didn't want to take the risk driving any further on the HOT lanes. Not only he feared the breakdown on the HOV lanes, he feared breaking down in a location where there is no shoulders. The rider in the passenger seat called his wife in case they needed to exit the freeway before Woodbridge. The Driver then exited the HOT lanes and pulled into the Horner road commuter lot to drop off the riders at the Pentagon slug pickup station.

Marcia being new to the area was not familiar with Horner Road; but was grateful for the help and guidance of the driver and the rider who guided her to the Pentagon slug pickup station. Marcia lost about 15 minutes because this unexpected mishap, but was quickly got back on her way to her destination. Excited Marcia couldn't wait to share her experience on Facebook.

Unexpected breakdowns happen, it is wonderful how drivers and slugs come together in harmony and help each other to get to their respective destination safely. Happy slugging!

Thursday 8 November 2018

About 30 agencies in DC can issue ticket for parking or moving violation

Last week one of our slugs mentioned that Federal Protective Service showed up at the L’Enfant Plaza slug pickup location and asked drivers to move the vehicles and warned them they should not be picking up slugs anymore. So we took the issue to the DDoT today and found that there are several agencies that has authority to ticket vehicles. The DDoT representatives mentioned that they do not have jurisdictions over some curb spaces and they have to look into the DC Municipal Regulations and Register for the details. They also mentioned that there are about 30 organizations that can issue tickets for moving and parking violations. So we found that there are about 29 Federal and State organizations that can issue tickets.

Our research found the following:
As of  May 27, 2011, the following are empowered to issue Notices of Infraction for all MOVING AND PARKING infractions within their respective jurisdictions:
  1. District of Columbia Metropolitan Police
  2. Metro Transit Police
  3. National Zoological Park Police
  4. United States Capitol Police
  5. United States Park Police
  6. United States Secret Service, Uniformed Division
  7. Walter Reed Army Medical Center
  8. Bolling Air Force Base Security Police
  9. United States Federal Protective Service
  10. Commandant, Naval District Washington
  11. District of Columbia Housing Authority Police Force
  12. Library of Congress
  13. United States Mint Police
  14. District Department of Transportation.
The following are empowered to issue Notices of Infraction for PARKING violations within their respective jurisdictions:
  1. District of Columbia Protective Services
  2. District of Columbia Department of Human Services at D.C. General Hospital
  3. District of Columbia Department of Public Works
  4. Saint Elizabeth's Hospital Security Force
  5. United States Bureau of Engraving and Printing
  6. United States Government Printing Office
  7. United States Park Police Visitor Aides
  8. University of the District of Columbia Security Police
  9. Fort Lesley J. McNair
  10. District of Columbia Public Library
  11. United States Department of Commerce Special Agents
  12. United States Defense Intelligence Agency
  13. United States Central Intelligence Agency Security Protective Service
  14. Superior Court of the District of Columbia Security Police
  15. United States Supreme Court Police
  16. District of Columbia Housing Authority Special Police Officers: and
  17. United States Department of State Uniformed Protection Officers