Wednesday 16 December 2015

Today marks the first anniversary of I-95 Express Lanes

Express lanes as the name indicates are the fastest roads one can take to work during peak hours. The traffic flow is not only fast, but smooth too and the route leads to I-495 Beltway and I-395 lanes. Hot lanes are like the traffic hotline for when you need to save your time, a hot lane on an average day can save a commuter some 30 to 45 minutes. But the use of this road is subjected to a toll, which has caused it's popularity to be divided into two popular thought schools. Many believe that a few dollars are worth nothing in exchange for their valuable time whilst others argue the government is responsible for the provision of such roads for free, after all these were made out of taxes.
The I-95 express lanes comprises of a 29 miles runs between Edsall on the north and 610 on south. Most commuters that hit the road on a daily basis have a routine to follow, some everyday location to make to, in time. The fastest route you can take, almost no traffic jams and fast driving with almost no brake slamming make it a tempting option for many.
Launched on December 16, 2014 this project makes use of a distinct dynamic tolling, you pay tolls based on what kind of traffic you had to drive through as you accelerated your ride down the highway.  And laden with dynamic sign boards such as speed limits make this an exciting ride, much like weather conditions and human responses this highway is responsive to traffic conditions. Looking at the level of ease that the road has been able to provide the masses with has the authorities considering another extension in the project that connect to Washington, DC.
Lane closures are yet another reason to love this dynamic road, from changing speed limits to a constantly updated closure schedule online if a road could get any smarter it would take over the city. Lanes have been dedicated to commuters, for instance heavy traffic and commercial transport have their respective lanes making not only the commuting faster but smoother and hassle free. High speed mobility in a metropolis is a challenge, getting anywhere in time with unexpected traffic conditions is no longer the kind of stress that should bring you down before that important flight, meeting or appointments. Getting anywhere, everywhere around the city faster is the one thing that I-95 came with, unless you have a great deal of time to waste you should feel in no way but positively towards this marvel if modern day engineering and civil planning. One project done well.