Wednesday 20 February 2019

Can residents help snow removal any quicker...

  • Plan to travel before or after the snow, if you have to be on the road give enough room for the VDoT crew
  • Park your vehicles in driveways or on odd-numbered side of the street

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDoT) removes most snow from roads from about 13,942 lane miles in Northern Virginia. About 2150 miles are interstates and major roads, rest are neighborhood roads. That is about 85% of their maintenance area are local roads with slow moving traffic and cars parked on the road side. VDoT's crew with 3000 vehicle fleet, begins plowing once 2 inches of snow has accumulated on the road surface. Their goal is to plow about 2-4 inches in 24 hours starting with interstates, followed by major roads and then local roads. With about 85% of the roads being local and neighborhood roads, it will help if residents park their vehicles in driveways or on odd-numbered side of the street. This will help the crew to plow quicker and stay within the $55.6 Million budged.