Wednesday 26 December 2018

Pre and Post Federal Holiday Slug Lines

For the past few long weekends and this holiday season, we keep getting the same question over and over again! Will slugs be there at the pickup location? Will drivers stop to pick up slugs? What is the backup for riders who get stranded?

Aggregation and volume are key for successful sluglines. Commuters doubt slugging during pre and post federal holiday due to the low number of drivers and riders spread across all pickup locations. To achieve the optimal number of commuters for slugging we could reduce the number of pickup locations. Knowing almost all riders drive to the park and ride lots, and riders have access to public transportation in the afternoon, reducing the number of pickup lots during low traffic days will add a bit more commute time, but would help slugging operate as other days.

If slugging works on pre and post holidays, we would need backup.

Morning Pick Up Sluglines:
  1. Bobs
  2. Horner
  3. Rt. 610 Staffordboro
Afternoon Sluglines:
  1. 14th and Independence
  2. The Pentagon

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