Thursday 9 May 2019

Relocation plan for Springfield-Bobs sluglines parking lot

Bob’s Sluglines Parking Lot tentatively to be closed in November 2019 for garage construction. slugs will lose about 278 spaces and slug pickup stations during construction for about 2 years. Fairfax County is working with the commuters to find alternative space for parking and pickup locations.
Below is the update from Caijun L, Senior Transportation Planner, Fairfax County.
Thanks for your patience while Fairfax County Department of Transportation develops the commuter parking relocation plan. The county is still in negotiations with property owners and nothing is final until the leases are signed, but we are confident the agreements will be completed soon.
Here is the relocation plan:
1) Relocate one slug line to the Springfield United Methodist Church parking lot ( The church currently provides 54 commuter parking spaces within their lot. In addition to those spaces, the church slug line would also serve the commuter parking located across the street at Springfield Plaza as well as the commuter parking at the American Legion.
2) Relocate one slug line and provide an additional 300 commuter parking spaces at the Springfield Town Center Frontier Garage ( ). In total, 800 commuter parking spaces would be located at the Frontier Garage on levels 2, 4, and 6.
The VDOT Saratoga Park-and-Ride Lot will serve as a back-up option in case something falls through with the church or town center.