Saturday 17 August 2019

Slugging gets nimble!

Traffic backups are not new to slugs, but slugs and drivers worked together to handle this a bit different this time. On August 15th, 2019 around 4:00 PM an accident on the I-395 south bound HOV lanes near Glebe Rd started slowing down HOV traffic. One of the Stafford Sluglines Facebook Group members, Tessa who was riding, posted a picture of the accident at 4:01 PM. Looking at the severity of the accident some decided to stay at work, some took regular lanes and hopped on the HOT lanes at Duke Street, while others exited from I-395 regular lanes to Seminary Rd. and took the HOV lanes.
It is not uncommon to check Waze or listen to traffic news on the radio and change their departure time or take alternate routes. But, when the information came from a fellow slug there was discussion and real time updates from other commuters who passed the accident. While the drivers were focused on driving, riders provided updates to other slugs who helped with navigation and communication.
Slugging brings the flexibility, that helps commuters pick their time and mode of transportation depending on the challenges they face at home, work or on the road. There were some Stafford slugs who took the VRE just that evening to get home without getting stuck in the traffic. Some joined to take Uber to the parking lot and others called their family to get a ride to their car.
Timely sharing of the incident and coordination with drivers and riders on the road helps slugs avoid traffic and get home faster. Yes, the no talking rule is out the window in such instances.
Photo credit: Tessa