Saturday 27 October 2018

New Sluglines from Staffordboro Commuter Lot to Rosslyn and DC

More than 500 commuters slug form Staffordboro commuter lot between 5:00 AM and 7:00 AM. It is time to split the line when we have more than 30 riders in the line and 10 cars waiting to load passengers at the same time, and the riders can't hear the driver's location. Similar changes were made at the Horner road in early 2000's, now we have 1500 commuters using 6 separate lines. At Staffordboro commuter lot, Slug lines are kept close enough for the riders to switch or drivers to call out riders from other lines, similar to the options commuters have at the Pentagon to switch between Mine and Staffordboro slug pickup stations .This may not happen as each line will have enough riders and drivers.
Based on commuters input from from the Stafford Facebook Group 2 new slug lines will be added to the existing line.
  1. Existing Pentaon Slug line: Existing line will serve the Pentagon, Mark Center, Crystal City, and other Northern Virginia destinations excluding Rosslyn
  2. New Rosslyn Slug line: Rosslyn slug line will serve Rosslyn, Ballston and Court House, return line in the afternoon forms at Rosslyn around the Continental bar
  3. New DC Slug Line: DC slug line will serve all DC locations L'Enfant, Navy Yard, 14th and 18th street are popular locations and afternoon lines are at L'Enfant Plaza, 14th and G Street, 14th and Independence (new), and 19th and I (new)
Since this conversation started, there were 18 riders waiting at the Rosslyn pickup location who usually go to the Pentagon for afternoon rides. When riders and drivers get know more about the Rosslyn and DC locations, they would avoid going to the Pentagon to get a ride back home. We can expect similar growth in DC afternoon pickup locations. Both drivers and riders can save about half-hour every day by avoiding the Pentagon traffic.