Wednesday 17 October 2018

How much can a driver save in tolls by picking up slugs?

Since HOV started Luis lost his clean fuel exemption. He switched between regular lanes, express lanes and local roads spending lot of time and money. Though he was familiar with slugging at the Horner Rd. he was hesitant to pick up riders.

After chatting up with us on the Facebook messenger for about a month; Luis joined the slugging community. Luis said, “The first day was a bit tricky even with the directions in the sluglines mobile app, but was able to navigate through the loop with guidance from riders in the line”. He then said, “Riders were very helpful, they showed me the L’Enfant Plaza afternoon pickup location and provide some insights about slugging”. He said, “He will not have it any other way”. He was excited to share his EZ-pass statement and asked us to share it with the slugging community.

There are still lot of drivers contemplating on picking up slugs, they may not know the process, don’t know where to pick up or drop off. It could be overwhelming the first few times. If there are drivers out there who are still on the fence about picking up slugs, this EZ-pass statement should convince you to make a change in the way you commute. Slugging is not only cost effective; it is quick, flexible, and efficient but most importantly helps you put a smile on fellow commuters face. This cannot be done by one person, we should work together to open up more slugging location and encourage people to slug.

Keep Slugging! Slugging Rocks!